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Looking for food vending machines Sydney that offer both taste and nutrition on the go? One of our fastest growth areas is the installation and management of healthy food vending machines. These snack vending machines offer a wide range of healthy and nutritious snack and drink products that help inspire a better lifestyle.

We do healthy vending! We value our relationships within the Australian health and wellness industry. We understand that the needs within the public and private health care facilities vary and are important to get right. Our Healthy Medical vending machines offerings will evolve, along with your needs

Our ‘FoodChecker’ service rates all products well sell GREEN, AMBER or RED based on agreed government health standards.

It’s well known that less healthy RED products seen in traditional vending machines lead to an increase in weight related health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Our GREEN product options offer healthier alternatives to sugar-rich, high calorie foods.  We provide both well-known health-related brands as well as a range of more innovative and ethically sourced products with our snack vending machines Sydney.

A growing number of organisations understand the benefits of providing well-balanced eating options at their sites and our healthy vending machines Sydney can play a pivotal role in keeping your people fit and healthy.

Many research studies prove that a healthy workplace has benefits for both employers and employees because it contributes to:

  • staff being more productive and satisfied in their work
  • less stress and anxiety
  • staff being more likely to stay in their jobs
  • fewer ‘absent’ or sick days
  • reduced worker’s compensation costs.

We are aligned with the NSW Government ‘Get Healthy at Work’ program that aims to improve health and wellbeing.  The program’s simple 4 step process helps us understand what mix of food and drink options in our medical vending machines Sydney would be best suited to your site.

Create a fitter and more productive workplace with our ‘zero-cost’ healthy snack vending machines Sydney.  Free delivery & installation.  Free refill, maintenance and service.

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