Warehouse Vending Machines

Our Warehouse Vending Machines

Your employees and visitors will love the convenience and ease provided by the installation of a warehouse vending machine.

It’s hard work in a warehouse and you can quickly become hungry or thirsty. This will affect staff productivity and satisfaction. Installing a vending machine improves productivity by improving performance, enhancing staff morale, and reducing downtime and breaks.

Warehouse vending machines can be customised to dispense any item, not just popular snacks and drinks. This could include PPE or items required for the function of jobs, such as protective gear and sanitisation products.

Warehouses can be busy places and popular items will require frequent restocking. Our state-of-the-art machines communicate back to our office; informing us when stock is running low so we know exactly when your machine requires restocking. Your staff will never go hungry or thirsty again.

Our warehouse vending machines in Sydney come with multiple payment options including notes, coins and cards, in order to make life easy, quick and secure.

Create a happier and more productive workplace with our ‘zero-cost’ office vending machines. Free delivery & installation. Free refill, maintenance and service.

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