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School Vending Machines & Educational Vending Machines

We have vending machines located at many educational institutions across Sydney.  Our expertise in this area will allow you to get the best machine with the perfect product offering.

Installing an educational or school vending machine means staff and students no longer need to leave the campus for snacks and drinks. This increases both convenience and safety for your students and staff.  And it’s incredibly easy, quick and simple to install and manage.

We can work with you to ensure we offer products that you feel comfortable providing in your educational environment.  These products range from traditional snack and drinks options, through to more healthy brands.

Our ‘FoodChecker’ service rates all products we sell GREEN, AMBER or RED based on agreed government health standards.

Our GREEN product options offer healthier alternatives to traditional sugar-rich, high calorie foods.  We provide both well known health-related brands, as well as a range of more innovative healthy and ethically sourced products.

Many educational institutions have a diverse range of students and we are able to provide products that satisfy any taste.

Our educational and school vending machines in Sydney come with multiple payment options including notes, coins and cards, in order to make life easy, quick and secure.

Choose a more convenient and easy solution with our ‘zero-cost’ vending machines.  Free delivery & installation.  Free refill, maintenance and service.

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