The various benefits of having an office vending machine in Sydney

January 13, 2022
January 13, 2022 legalimp

Installing an office vending machine in your workplace benefits your business and your people.  It not only boosts productivity but is also easy and manageable. In today’s time, employees make every effort to strike a balance between work and health amidst long working hours and extended meetings. To get this balance right and keep the work going, there is no better option than having an efficient vending machine at the workplace.

Breaking down the benefits of Vending Machines

Office vending machines offer more benefits than just saving on budgets and site space. If you are contemplating whether a vending machine is the right addition to your workplace, we have listed a few benefits that will help you make an informed decision.


Operating an office vending machine requires no staff, which means no extra wages to pay.  As mentioned earlier, it also excludes the additional rent for the office space that you might have to pay while running a canteen. Thus, the only thing you need to consider is the nominal electricity costs to keep the energy-efficient machines working. Altogether, this results in lower overheads for your business organisation.

Easy Maintenance

A vending machine requires little to no maintenance. Particularly, when you choose an ‘operated’ vending model, the shelves will be regularly refilled with popular products. Also, streamlined payment options that include contactless payments have made it easier and less time-consuming for employees.

On the other hand, if you use a managed vending service, the task of filling and looking after your machine is done by a professional team. Partnering with a reputable vending machine company will keep you rest assured of all the installation and maintenance-related work.

Keeps customers and employees on-site

Installing office vending machines will help your employees grab a snack or meal and avoid wandering off-site. This will not only help maintain your duty of care but also ensure optimum productivity. The extra traveling time which is saved can be utilised in lunchtime activities that boost employee engagement, helping them to relax and recharge.

Fosters a healthy work environment

Office vending machines enhance productivity and help to establish a healthy workplace that supports your employees with their lifestyle goals. Healthy snacks boost energy levels and help employees to focus on work when they feel dull and tired and this is where vending machines come into the picture. They are accessible at all times and enable employees to complete their tasks in a more productive manner.

The perks of having an office vending machine cannot be neglected. With the convenience they provide, your staff can build their day around their personal needs. If you are looking for office vending machines in Sydney, feel free to call us on (02) 7229 6455 or 0416033442. Vending Systems can help you with reliable vending machines that are suitable for your business.

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